What is a Playbook?
Any Goal needs a Plan, strategy, etc. Having the right plan increases your odds of succeeding at anything many folds. Paperide's Playbooks make it easy for you to apply the established success secrets to every challenge you face and every goal you chase.
Is SignUp Necessary?
Everyone's curiosities & needs are different. Different teaching methods work for each of us. Only by knowing you, we will be able to curate the perfect experience for you.
How is it different from searching frameworks over the Internet?
We use a step by step approach to give structure to your thoughts. Our Interactive tools & exercises make it very convenient and enjoyable for you to introspect & Plan.
Is Paperide free to use?
You just need to Sign Up to access Paperide's collection of Playbooks. Its free for now. We hope to keep extending such benefits to our early joiners even in times to come.
Can I save the results of the exercises I attempt?
We understand the importance of being able to revisit our plans and watch evolution of our thoughts. This feature is under development. Should be out soon.
Who are you building this for?
Critical Reasoning is one of the most important Skill one can possess to champion every challenge in Life. Paperide platform would offer most value to People who want to do better at their workplace.
What all domains do we intend to cover?
Paperide is an attempt at introducing an Active Learning Approach that can be applied to any domain. With time our dream is to expand Paperide to every Learning domain. We currently focus on building Soft Skills
What all types of exercises would be part of Paperide?
Currently we are focussing on Presenting content in as many creative ways as possible. Build a conversational experience that can help readers introspect as if they are talking to themselves, giving structure to Introspection.
How can I find out about new Playbooks on Paperide?
We will send you a weekly newsletter to share with you News And Updates from Paperide.