The Story Behind Paperide
Various internet sources estimate that an Adult makes 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day. They could be same simple as what to eat or as complex as whether to Hire/Fire somebody.

The Big Questions

How do you ensure that you take the right call when it matters most?

How do you ensure that your emotional moods, personal biases do not clutter your decision making process?

How do you ensure that you are thorough in understanding a situation and taking a call even under pressure?

Are you a person who has narrowed down on mental models / Rule of Thumb to ease your decision making?

Or Are you a person who lives by his Gut to make those right calls ?

The Inner Force

Let me tell you a Story of how the Inner Force within me, compelled me to build Paperide. Its a story of my introspection for a couple of years. I admit, I am a slow learner.

Recent Role upgrade in my organization demanded me to groom leaders. Grooming leaders is different from leading a team. When leading a team I trusted my Gut instincts and they would hardly ever fail me. If they did I would get time to course correct as I had strong engagement with my team and work. Experience had taught me how to find the best in people, to understand the complexities of various challenges I faced everyday.

But as you grow, your job also demands you to enable/support/educate others on how to take decisions. Now, how do you transfer your Guts to them. You can, but it would need lot of engagement with them. What if you wanted to transfer those Gut instincts without becoming a bottleneck yourself?

To find my answers I thought Non Fiction books are undeniably the most powerful source. I started reading lot of books. Every reading introduced me to a new perspective of looking at things. It would fill me with such great optimism and energy. Every time I read a book, I would roam around with my chest elated as if I had found something really powerful. I would believe that this would bring a dramatic change in my way of working. I would share my learnings with best of my colleagues.

But after a week when my blood pressure would normalize, I would observe that little had changed in my way of working and somehow I was able to retain only a small part of what I read.

The Last Nail

After going through this cycle multiple times, somewhere a lack of interest in reading Non-Fiction books manifested in me. Every time I got opportunity to read, I would prefer Technology books over Non-Fiction ones. I somehow kept delaying addressing the problem, until one day.

It was a regular meeting between technical seniors of my organization and we were using the last few minutes for a casual catchup, asking each other non-work related stuffs. My manager pulled my leg telling me you must be enjoying your next in-depth study of Cassandra's architecture, which was indeed true.

Public discussion of my weakness turned out to be an awakening call for me and I started actively thinking, why is it that I enjoy reading technical books more than non-fiction ones, even though I have great appreciation for Soft skills. And my search for a solution began.

My Search for Solution

I talked to other people in my circle about their experiences, some had realization while some din't. But learning experience for most of them was broken or very inefficient.

I read a few books on the process of learning itself. Different stages that your learning should go through so that you remember better and apply better. I found lot of theories that helped me understand the missing pieces of my learning experience.

I listened to people I admire and I noticed that most of them had codified their learnings into certain mental models or Frameworks.

My favorite one is the Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience, which says that you remember 10% of what you read, 20% of what you write and 90% of what you Execute / Practise.

Eventually I came to a realization that its a problem worth solving. We felt it is so important to back a subjective experience like book reading with Digital Products that can make completion of the your learning experience enjoyable and easy. And Paperide was born.

The Solution

Few problems we wish to solve with Paperide.
  1. Reading/Writing/Watching experiences need to be complimented with activities that creatively engage its learner. Only with such engagement, Critical thinking can be developed.
  2. Decision making should be objective and one must keep handy his mental models or Frameworks that can be revisited whenever in need.
  3. Only if you are able to check/test your learnings, your learning feedback loop can be completed
  4. Every good habit needs discipline to sustain, there needs to be right motivation and an experience that makes you enjoy doing things again and again

Learning is such a fundamental thing to our lives and to change any fundamental thing needs its believers. If you share our pain and you believe that Paperide deserves a place in your lives, help us build it.

Your feedback is the most important thing we need right now. We believe every feedback we receive would make this product 10 times better. Please don't stop short of writing to us with your feedback.

We in turn promise you that we will try our level best to live up to your expectations.

Spread the word so that we are able to get as many unique perspectives as possible.